Name Change

Yianni Stamas Finalizes the Result of the Name Change Exploration

The Fans Have Spoken

Yes, it’s been established. The Big Apple Awards is a subdivision of the Platinum PIAs Awards as is the Awards. Staying with the Platinum PIAs moniker is something that was done in relation to the fans’ outcry against losing the name. And rumor has it that Bigfoot Zombie is going to be one of the judges of the next ceremony. We heard this from Artist Steps so if you want more information you’ll have to talk with them about it.

Making a Difference

Big Apple Awards, as a subdivision will be exploring education looking for educators who are making a difference not only in their classroom but are making a difference elsewhere as well.

Building a Community Organization

And you can get involved too. Volunteering to help organizations is greatly appreciated because it really is about building a community organization.

Teachers are Recognized

The Big Apple Stars Awards Program is a great opportunity for you to bring public recognition to the teachers you love. They can be anything from grammar school educators to those helping to shape the minds of the future via a college or university.

Celebrating Teachers of the Big Apple

Creativity, leadership and academic rigor were among the characteristics of the educators who have won Platinum PIAs in the past, which now has its Big Apple Awards division celebrating the teachers of the Big Apple (Manhattan, New York).

Nominate Teachers Who Have Made a Difference in Your Life

It’s up to you, the student, to nominate educators who have made a difference in your life. If we think back all of us have likely had a teacher who made a difference in our lives. This includes the impact of learning something, respecting the approach and much more. Did you have a teacher who made a difference in your life?

Make a Difference with Your Input

Other categories of the Platinum PIAs include artists themselves making a difference. In many ways the Platinum PIAs Awards could be called the ArtistPreneur Awards because many of the performing, film and fine arts winners are AristicPreneurs. And as always, YOU can make a difference with your input.