Please Submit Awards Nominations to US Make a Difference

An Outgrowth

If you were not notified about this via email, the game plan at this point in terms of how to nominate someone for an award, is to go to the source. The “Big Apple Awards” are now a subsection under the jurisdiction of “US Make a Difference” Awards.” For those of you who remember “NYC Make a Difference,” “US Make a Difference is an outgrowth of that.

The Dove

And yes, ANYONE who has made a profound difference in a positive way can be a candidate for nomination to possibly win a “US Make a Difference” Award, known as “The Dove.” The Academy Awards has the Oscar and the US Make a Difference Awards have the Dove!


Quite frankly, you can even nominate yourself if you have confidence in having made a difference in the US in some way.


Confusion in the Big Apple

Because They Can

We lovingly call our city “The Big Apple” which is also why the name is in what we call our awards show. But as of late we have been going through confusing times. Why is this happening? Why now? It doesn’t make any sense other than it is being done by the perpetrators because they can.

An Unpredictable Tragedy

Of course how this actually started was an honorable seeking of change. Here in Manhattan we were very thumbs up about this and supportive as well. But the message suddenly changed and it wasn’t the fault of the messengers.  It was an unpredictable tragedy.

Praying for Better Times

This is a difficult time in the Big Apple, unprecedented. We were just starting to get our footing in response to the virus when along came a message and then a second message. There is a feeling among residents of Manhattan that it is not safe to go outside, so now we are housebound for two reasons. We pray for better times.