Don’t Burn Up Your Potential and Learn Instead

Ok, we have established you are smart and that there are ways you put yourself emotionally at risk. But one area we have not considered is that of having your own conspiracy theories of why the things are happening to you the way that they are happening. Doing this kind of investigating and looking into your life can, in small doses, be one of the best things you can do. But watch out because it could be the worst as well. It could set a fire going within yourself. And you are so close to success and do not have a lot left to learn.

Flames like those inside you can burn down your potential. You could be a victim of yourself. Your world might shatter because of lunatic beliefs you have that keep you again and again and again from succeeding. But there is a way out. You do not have to feel so helpless. You can even turn doubt about yourself around. No more backlash that can destroy your self-esteem. Not taking care of yourself in this way can be chilling for you the Startup Introvert.

No more matter how unsure you might be about yourself, and your chances in the so-called “real world,” you can greatly reduce panic if you just do the obvious. Many Startup Introverts are overly consumed with wishing only to be original. No copycatting. It also almost becomes a kind of phobia again what is clear, simple, easy and focused. This is sad, because down the line, if you have only thrown yourself full-fledged into what is “different,” this can be an agonizing mistake that comes back to bite you. Maybe you will learn the hard way, rather than learn the happy way.


Awards or Education?

Change of Plans

We considered creating a new awards show (Big Apple Awards) that would put a positive spotlight on those who are outstanding educators. Our plan was to celebrate teachers who were making a difference in the lives of their students, their communities and beyond. But as we delved deeper into the process of developing of a new awards show, we realized that after 10 consecutive successful years (2010 – 2019) of producing the likeminded Platinum PIAs Awards, it might ultimately be the time to put doing awards shows to rest.

Removing the Obstacles

We considered that maybe we could have a bigger impact doing good by helping others who have a community mission to succeed. In other words, rather than implementing an award show we could possibly make more of a difference by concentrating on those, who due to COVID-19 and its variants, needed education and communication tools to face these obstacles that stood between them and earning a good living.

Stress Relief

Because of our personal connection to the magic arts in entertainment, we decided that helping magicians became more successful would be our first focus. In addition to amazement and being astonished that comes with the experience of watching a conjurer, we believe that magic makes people happier. Many of us here in New York and beyond enjoy being mystified. It is fun, relaxing and a way to get rid of the stress and to just let go. Shed the tension, if only for the length of a magic performance or maybe even longer.

The Wall of Technology

We believe that magicians make a difference in the lives of those who discover what it feels like to view jaw dropping tricks and effects. So, we partnered with the website called Web Design Magician that is another website in the Blog Coalition of nearly 60 websites and is sponsored by “USA Make a Difference.” The first thing that Web Design Magician did was to write a blog post on their site that lays bare the problems that magicians are having by not being able to do any in-person magic shows due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19 and its variants. Magicians are faced with having to figure out ways to make a living through performances via Zoom, Google Meet and other video chat communication platforms.


Apple for the Teacher?

The Big Apple Awards is the educational division of the Home Business Awards. One of the things that we encourage educators from all over America to do is to potentially work the ideas of entrepreneurship and home based businesses into their curriculum if these topics are not already. The truth of the matter is that we live in a different world from less than half a year ago.

The workplace has changed a lot. This includes remote workers and those that got laid off or lost a business, usually because no solution was found for “Digital Transformation. Wikipedia describes Digital Transformation as as

“…The use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems. It is about transforming processes that were non digital or manual to digital processes.”:

There has always been a need, especially in high schools, for a business focus from an entrepreneurial approach. For whatever reason this area is frequently ignored by educators. This is, quite frankly, a travesty. Remote learning needs to have a focus on entrepreneurship and online marketing!


Big Apple Awards: Slice the Educational Apple

Studies Via Computers

No matter how you slice it, the Big Apple Awards is an awards show committed to honoring those who have taken the path of education. Especially today this is a challenging path because of the need for remote education. Kids in NYC are not going to an actual school building but rather are getting their studies from teachers via computer.

Captivating Students

To us this shows that all educators in Manhattan, NY and beyond, are people who are going above and beyond. We consider them to be heroes. It is not easy to totally recalibrate how you teach. It is hard enough to grade all the papers and do the work that educators do. Now added to the mix is having to do this in a way that captivates students and keep them interested in their studies.

Making a Difference

It really is quite amazing what is going on here in New York in terms of education. It is a collaboration between educators and students. Both sides are doing their best to keep education in the city on track. It is going to be challenging to figure out who the winners are, because regardless of how you slice it, they are all making a difference.