The Big Apple Awards – Inheriting a 10 Year Legacy Since 2010

After a Decade the Torch is Passed

On April 1st, 2019 and after 10 years of being known as the Platinum PIAs Community Award Show, the torch was handed to the new incarnation known as the Big Apple Awards. Why the change of name? It is to be able to better serve our online community which consists of business owners as well as those of you pursuing long term careers including visual and performing arts. All of these folks like you are interested in promoting their ventures and garnering results but also want to give back. Therefore the mission of the Big Apple Awards is to recognize you and others who are using their marketing to make a difference.

Sponsored in Part by USA Create

USA Create is a budding collective of freelancers that custom creates for their clients “Online Marketing Made in America.” They are also known to provide marketing for people who dislike social media. As proud sponsors of the Big Apple Awards they help to recognize you who uses your marketing to make a difference in your community wherever it is in the United States.

More than Just the Big Apple

As many of you know, the moniker “Big Apple” is a nickname for New York City, specifically Manhattan, NY. But the Big Apple Awards, which are based in Manhattan, recognizes people not just from the Big Apple but from all over the United States. Although it’s not until April 1, 2020 that the 11th Annual Big Apple Awards will occur (receiving the 10 year torch from the Platinum PIAs) nominations start officially on April 1, 2019. If you or someone you know uses marketing to make a difference in your/her/his community we want to hear about it!