Is a Name Change Necessary?

One of the groups that is fighting to change the name of the Platinum PIAs to Big Apple Awards is an organization for passionate older persons.

A 10 Year Old with Influence

We’ve got the website ready here at the team central of those who want to change the name of the Platinum PIAs to the Big Apple Awards, but a 10 year old may have thrown a wrench into the name change agenda.

A Vote for Not Changing the Name

It seems that the PIAs founder (who is also known for founding ArtisticPreneur) is being influenced by his 10 year old daughter who loves the Platinum PIAs and doesn’t understand why he would change the name.

Seeking Help

So it was pretty clear to us that we weren’t going to have much luck talking with the founder/father so we decided to call on our old buddies at and at

Long Term Relationships

Our relationship with ArtisticPreneur has always been good. And we knew that they had a lot of influence with the founder. Because we’re a newer entity we don’t have a background of communication with him. But we do with ArtisticPreneur before they were even ArtisticPreneur. And the folks from we know too. Have known them for quite a while.


We just got off the phone with both ArtisticPreneur and ArtistSteps and were told by both that indeed there is momentum toward maybe keeping the name as the Platinum PIAs because of “branding recognition.” With all due respect, we have worked on engineering the Big Apples Awards’ visibility.

Will this Website Survive?

We have taken a lot of time and effort and put it toward making the phrase “Big Apple Awards” heard all over the internet. But hey, it looks like we’re going back to the original name. But what then happens to this website? It stays if Artist Steps have anything to do with it.

Please Give us Your Feedback

Do we take this website down? Or do we keep it up and maybe start our own Big Apple Awards that is separate from the Platinum PIAs? We’d love your input. Please let us know what you think.