Please Submit Awards Nominations to US Make a Difference

An Outgrowth

If you were not notified about this via email, the game plan at this point in terms of how to nominate someone for an award, is to go to the source. The “Big Apple Awards” are now a subsection under the jurisdiction of “US Make a Difference” Awards.” For those of you who remember “NYC Make a Difference,” “US Make a Difference is an outgrowth of that.

The Dove

And yes, ANYONE who has made a profound difference in a positive way can be a candidate for nomination to possibly win a “US Make a Difference” Award, known as “The Dove.” The Academy Awards has the Oscar and the US Make a Difference Awards have the Dove!


Quite frankly, you can even nominate yourself if you have confidence in having made a difference in the US in some way.