Getting Awarded

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The time is Now to Win an Award!

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Much has been written about the importance for an educator to win an award that establishes them as an expert in their industry. But not much has been covered by bloggers, podcasters and other forms of online media regarding the topic of what is the METHOD HOW to win an award as an expert or educator or both. METHOD HOW are not telling the SECRET HOW in online media. And they are only doing so in the form of a Ten Step METHOD HOW available as one of the “Strategies Free,” as well as a particular “Strategies Premium,” with the premium version not being available anywhere at any price, except when it comes to Businesses in Need.

Receiving an Award Often Can Only Happen Unless You are a “Player in Your Realm”

It is a no brainer when it comes to the reason WHY someone gets nominated, which could ultimately become a win for that person in their industry whether it be entertainment, scientific or in our instance with the Big Apple Awards, education. An individual is nominated for a trophy based on them being someone in their field who has contributed much to that field and is recognized by others as a powerful resource of knowledge and innovation. Usually a prize or certificate is given to the expert that even further cements them being known as a key player in realm they are a part of.

Why Making a Difference is More than Just Doing the Right Thing but Can Help to Cement You as an Expert

“U.S. Do Good” is a mantra by the site in early development known as “U.S. in Need.” This is relevant, especially in this day and age of current and recent challenges including COVID, Flooding, Fires, Violence, U.S.A. Divided and more. This means, regardless of the industry you are in as an expert (or an expert in training), it is more likely than ever that if you are lucky and deserving and get that note announcing your win, that it be for something you did or created that has made a difference in your community.

First Steps to Award Winning Glory

First things first though. You might very well have practiced your “Thank You Speech” outlining why you are honored, how you could not have done it alone and so on, but for goodness sakes you need to win that darn award! How do you do this. At the start, if it is the kind of award that requires you submit you info, get your presentation into shape using whatever format is required. In some cases this could mean a combination of media types such as Video Film Web and might well have to do with how you have helped your community.

Important Thing to Remember if You are Pursuing an Award that Has to be Applied for

Sure, what we are about to say just makes common sense, but you would be amazed how many people get this wrong, including ourselves on a couple of occasions. You need to ask yourself are you a super clear, no question, experienced person in the field you are putting in your application for? In other words are you a spot on match for the outcome you are applying for? And are you doing it out of passion or ego or both? Remember Your Art is You.

Everyone Has a Story Because Your Life is a Movie

You have a story. Everyone has a story. The key to successful storytelling is finding the emotional resonance. As an expert or expert-in-training in your industry, one of the best ways to promote yourself in order to win an award, is storytelling. Especially storytelling that as offbeat it might be, is something other people will connect with. Or to put it possibly in a crass manner: you want to judges of the award you want to win feel the magic of your tale. And this is more likely to result in a win if you feel the emotion of the story you tell about your role in your industry, maybe even done as a video because Your Life is a Movie.

Study Award Shows for Fun and Insights

As you may know. the Big Apple Awards is a part of the Blog Coalition of approximately sixty or so blogs, with its own blog looking at putting forth help for entrepreneurs such as challenges like Business Owner Get Results from Your Campaign. But what you might not be aware of is that there are a number of different awards shows in different industries including the Platinum PIAs Awards which although, after a ten year run, it closed quite a while ago, the site goes on to recognize business owners who make a difference as well as takes on questions such as Do We All Need Applause? Other Blog Coalition member include Home Business Awards, Houdini Day Awards and more. So the time is now to get started toward achieving the goal to Win and Award!