Name Change

Stewing in the Aftermath of a Change in Plans

There’s Only One Emotion that Captures What We’re Feeling

We are furious. The Platinum PIAs promised us that we, the, would be the new name of the Platinum PIAs Awards, now in its 10th year (as of this writing). But no, the PIAs management has decided that since it is transitioning to work for’s Blogger Coalition department, loyalties are with Somehow the Artist Steps organization that does career steps for creatives, has been elected as the go between. Artist Steps got this role because they are sometimes involved with the Blogger Coalition, an “unbiased” company.

We are Developing Our Own Blogger Coalition

If becoming blog management is what the PIAs are after, we can offer that too. We have been working on extending our brand into communal websites. So if PIAs wants to be a part of the “Blogger Revolution” they can come to us and we’ll facilitate it.

We’ve Got the Rad Website

Additionally, has an actual website whereas only has a single page on their site dedicated to what they hope will be their new awards show division.

We Have the Better Alliances

Look, the “Big Apple Awards,” even though we haven’t been around since 2010, already have a lot of positive press about that combines marketing with education which is something is simply not interested in participating in.

The Choice is Obvious

Marketing and education are the keystones of the current Platinum PIAs direction as is the case of the Big Apple Awards, so it truly is a no brainer.

Education Comes First with Us

But hey, it really all comes down to what you – the small businesses, artistists of any kind and fans – desire. What do the American People want as their online awards show – Big Apple Awards or Awards? We think that YOU the American People should decide and not some random organization (Artist Steps) Do you want an organization like that is focused on author omitted eBooks, 10 day email courses and the like, or would you be more drawn to us with our focus on actually ACKNOWLEDGING educators!?