Getting Awarded

Preview of METHOD HOW to Win an Award Using Secrets that Other Educators in Your Field are Not Aware of!

The time is Now to Win an Award!

The Secret is Secret with SECRET HOW and Not Currently Available Anywhere at Any Price Except for…

Much has been written about the importance for an educator to win an award that establishes them as an expert in their industry. But not much has been covered by bloggers, podcasters and other forms of online media regarding the topic of what is the METHOD HOW to win an award as an expert or educator or both. METHOD HOW are not telling the SECRET HOW in online media. And they are only doing so in the form of a Ten Step METHOD HOW available as one of the “Strategies Free,” as well as a particular “Strategies Premium,” with the premium version not being available anywhere at any price, except when it comes to Businesses in Need.

Receiving an Award Often Can Only Happen Unless You are a “Player in Your Realm”

It is a no brainer when it comes to the reason WHY someone gets nominated, which could ultimately become a win for that person in their industry whether it be entertainment, scientific or in our instance with the Big Apple Awards, education. An individual is nominated for a trophy based on them being someone in their field who has contributed much to that field and is recognized by others as a powerful resource of knowledge and innovation. Usually a prize or certificate is given to the expert that even further cements them being known as a key player in realm they are a part of.

Why Making a Difference is More than Just Doing the Right Thing but Can Help to Cement You as an Expert

“U.S. Do Good” is a mantra by the site in early development known as “U.S. in Need.” This is relevant, especially in this day and age of current and recent challenges including COVID, Flooding, Fires, Violence, U.S.A. Divided and more. This means, regardless of the industry you are in as an expert (or an expert in training), it is more likely than ever that if you are lucky and deserving and get that note announcing your win, that it be for something you did or created that has made a difference in your community.

First Steps to Award Winning Glory

First things first though. You might very well have practiced your “Thank You Speech” outlining why you are honored, how you could not have done it alone and so on, but for goodness sakes you need to win that darn award! How do you do this. At the start, if it is the kind of award that requires you submit you info, get your presentation into shape using whatever format is required. In some cases this could mean a combination of media types such as Video Film Web and might well have to do with how you have helped your community.

Important Thing to Remember if You are Pursuing an Award that Has to be Applied for

Sure, what we are about to say just makes common sense, but you would be amazed how many people get this wrong, including ourselves on a couple of occasions. You need to ask yourself are you a super clear, no question, experienced person in the field you are putting in your application for? In other words are you a spot on match for the outcome you are applying for? And are you doing it out of passion or ego or both? Remember Your Art is You.

Everyone Has a Story Because Your Life is a Movie

You have a story. Everyone has a story. The key to successful storytelling is finding the emotional resonance. As an expert or expert-in-training in your industry, one of the best ways to promote yourself in order to win an award, is storytelling. Especially storytelling that as offbeat it might be, is something other people will connect with. Or to put it possibly in a crass manner: you want to judges of the award you want to win feel the magic of your tale. And this is more likely to result in a win if you feel the emotion of the story you tell about your role in your industry, maybe even done as a video because Your Life is a Movie.

Study Award Shows for Fun and Insights

As you may know. the Big Apple Awards is a part of the Blog Coalition of approximately sixty or so blogs, with its own blog looking at putting forth help for entrepreneurs such as challenges like Business Owner Get Results from Your Campaign. But what you might not be aware of is that there are a number of different awards shows in different industries including the Platinum PIAs Awards which although, after a ten year run, it closed quite a while ago, the site goes on to recognize business owners who make a difference as well as takes on questions such as Do We All Need Applause? Other Blog Coalition member include Home Business Awards, Houdini Day Awards and more. So the time is now to get started toward achieving the goal to Win and Award!

Getting Awarded

METHOD HOW to Stop Being One of the “Businesses in Need” by Learning about the Educational Process as a form of Marketing Via Creating Your Own eBooks and Online Courses

The Big Apple Awards focus primarily on educators. And one of the biggest wins for small business owners is to learn from the education approach. Think of it this way. Especially if you have a product or service that requires a slight learning curve to actually use what you offer, this is a chance to educate your market while they take in info about your product/service.

If you are like a lot of business owners in this transition to the “New Normal” as a result of COVID, large fires, overwhelming flooding and more, you likely are seeking a way of marketing your business that is low or no cost. One of the big things that business owners worry about is how they, as one of the “Businesses in Need” are going to be able to afford search engine and social media ads. At this point in history, online ads have a hefty and not always work, Is there an alternative?

It certainly is not a new idea, but one that is underused. This is likely at least in part to business owners having the fear of taking on video production and expensive technologies to put together and then ultimate host on the web, online course A lot can be learned about marketing by looking at the education methodologies.

The fact is that many small businesses at the present time are struggling to make ends meet. Although more and more consumers are getting out and about, the same challenges of having a business still exist. Even businesses that utilize eCommerce are having a hard time. But an easy and effective way to market what you do is to write an eBook or create an eVideo.

Think of it this way, when someone has a product or service that they need, they will be happy to find and watch you video lessons or read your eBook. Many of you know this, but some do not, but the reality is we live in an amazing age where you can create things like eBooks and videos, and it does not have to cost you a dime. Simply go online and start searching!


Update on Work-in-Progress METHOD HOW to Find Audience Members for Your Awards Show

METHOD HOW to Do Things Like Starting Your Own Awards Show are Coming

Have you ever thought that you might want to develop your own awards show like the Big Apple Awards? The Big Apple Awards has built up a following over time, but there are ways you can get audience members faster, which could be a very important aspect of the success of your event. Why? Because having a large and interested group of spectators can make the event sing. A quick note before we dive in is a suggestion to keep an eye on the METHOD HOW website.

Secret Strategy Steps

Shameless plug. When you go to, as of this writing you will see on the METHOD HOW site a “Coming Soon” banner on it because it is still a work-in-progress. But we thought it was important to do a brief piece on highlights of the audience development process. Why? Because the Secret Strategy Steps, for the educational digital product, will take you through 10 easy steps to go about growing an audience for your event.

Getting the METHOD HOW to Do Stuff Does Not Exist Yet

But since the site is not up yet, having access to the METHOD HOW to do this is not possible at this time. Again, the following does not contain the 10 Steps METHOD HOW to FIND CUSTOMERS but rather is an informational look at it, much like a “Trailer” or “Coming Attractions.” Our preview of this METHOD HOW to FIND CUSTOMERS begins with the asking of a question…Wouldn’t it be great if there was a METHOD HOW to find customers or patrons?

Find the RIGHT Audience for Your Project

Of course, it would. So for the full details of this, take a look at the site’s domain name on which is posted the actual launch dates of the site. Meanwhile, all that said, one of the best ways to get a strong audience base is by being confident that you know who the perfect audience member is for your performances and organization. This is a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people do not get a clear idea of who is the kind of individual that they want to find.

Alternative to “Find Audience for Event,” Instead Create Event Based on Audience

Okay, yes, there are many, many guides on how to find your ideal audience member, but for the most part, one of the major issues of these methods is that you can get lost in the realm of seeking demographics including your avatar’s age, job, interests, living location and so on. To simplify the process, if you have not yet created the details of what your event is going to be about, then do this in reverse. Rather than planning an event and seeking audience members, do your event based on what your desired audience members would like to see.

Your Event Needs to Be Their Solution

Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. Okay, that said, wonder if you have already created your event plan and are locked into using it, therefore you are forced to take the less results-oriented path of trying to find people who would be interested in what you are offering. To keep things easy and very doable, think of the kind of person needs what your event offers. Do not stop at your first concept of who that person is. Make an entire list of the sort of individual will actually find what you are developing, the solution to the problem they have.

Provide Relief

What is the solution they want and how will your event give that to them? The point here is that you are searching for the type of person who truly NEEDS what you are doing. Not entertainment value. Not random shots in the dark. But instead, a concrete look for folks who will experience what you have created as a solution to their state of mind. What you are making should give your future audience member relief from the internal pains they have.

Do You Want to do Something for Which You Need a METHOD HOW?

Your event should be very important medicine for their thoughts being tangled. A big job for you? Yes. But if you follow this track and are able to convey it to those who read it, you will have a winner. Though, you also need to get your information in front of those who are hungry to consume it. And do not forget the METHOD HOW to do things that we have been suggesting plus much more, will be ready very soon.


Don’t Burn Up Your Potential and Learn Instead

Ok, we have established you are smart and that there are ways you put yourself emotionally at risk. But one area we have not considered is that of having your own conspiracy theories of why the things are happening to you the way that they are happening. Doing this kind of investigating and looking into your life can, in small doses, be one of the best things you can do. But watch out because it could be the worst as well. It could set a fire going within yourself. And you are so close to success and do not have a lot left to learn.

Flames like those inside you can burn down your potential. You could be a victim of yourself. Your world might shatter because of lunatic beliefs you have that keep you again and again and again from succeeding. But there is a way out. You do not have to feel so helpless. You can even turn doubt about yourself around. No more backlash that can destroy your self-esteem. Not taking care of yourself in this way can be chilling for you the Startup Introvert.

No more matter how unsure you might be about yourself, and your chances in the so-called “real world,” you can greatly reduce panic if you just do the obvious. Many Startup Introverts are overly consumed with wishing only to be original. No copycatting. It also almost becomes a kind of phobia again what is clear, simple, easy and focused. This is sad, because down the line, if you have only thrown yourself full-fledged into what is “different,” this can be an agonizing mistake that comes back to bite you. Maybe you will learn the hard way, rather than learn the happy way.


Educators, Small Business Owners and those Starting a Business, Your Secret Mystery Game Plan for Success is Finally Revealed!

Be Creative. Mystery Plan Revealed.

Education is an Important Key Component of Business Success for those in the Neighborhood Online and Off

The Big Apple Awards are a way of noting and thanking outstanding educators, small businesses and others in the neighborhood.

One educator who is sharing his knowledge is an individual who has the stage name of Dr. Doer. The moniker “Dr. Doer” is a fun and tongue in cheek way of stressing the importance of being a “doer.” And although there is nothing wrong with just dreaming, when you are a doer, it means being able to make those dreams into a reality.

The Blog Coalition is Assisting in the Spreading of Knowledge on Such Topics as Marketing and Communication

The Blog Coalition is helping Dr. Doer to get his message out through participation by 5 Coalition blogs. T


The Remaining Steps Can be Found on 4 of the current 57 Sites of the Blog Coalition

This is a very short step and section, but, that said, if you are ready for it and follow the steps, they will likely assist you with staying on the Doer Path.

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Success.

It can be just as difficult to not follow your dreams as it is to be on your Doer Path. When you do not take steps toward what it is in life and work that you are truly seeking, you run the risk of have that unsettling feeling of disappointment in yourself.

So, What Now?

Enter Dr. Doer. Through five websites, one at a time, he is presenting his 5-step approach to marketing and communication, helping small businesses to succeed in this environment of COVID. Each of Dr. Doer’s steps have sub steps which are tactics such as the following Step 1, expressed as A, B, C, D, and E. Let’s start looking at the tactics of Step 1…


Take stock of I who you are, II what motivates you, III what gets in the way of you being motivated, and IV what is your overwhelming want, need and desire in terms of scenario that you want to have a job doing, and finally IV if it were possible you would become an entrepreneur and build a business around it that would fill you with a belief that you will be effective, plus assured of undoing your negative past and instead doing this first A, and then the B,C,D, and E components. Please do this.


Again, we ask you, are you ready for this Tactic B? Did you complete the first “A” assignment? If not, please do it and then return here. This step is about taking the work-in-progress list you made in Step A Look Within and rewrite it again and again until it is a series of ideas, one on top of the other, maybe even being numbered or alphabetized.


This is a big one. This is not your larger picture strategy per say, but it is about starting to look at how you would ideally get from HERE to HERE. At this moment, even if you are not fully confident that you could yourself do these steps and believe the are for doers and you do not see yourself as a doer, write the list of actions to take to achieve all the things you worked on in Tactics A and B. In short, the concept is to begin to carefully examine some of the real-world movements forward you will need to do to get to the place you want to go.


You have likely heard the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That is a notion we are going to pursue now. Can you figure out what you need to know but don’t know what it is you need to know? A bit complicated yes, but you can figure it out if you try. Tactic D is all about doing research regarding the action steps you have listed. It is as doing a search for each of your action steps. What comes up regarding these search engine searches? Then study the resulting information going through at least 5 of the sites and take note of what they are doing and does this impact your action steps in any way? Again, hard to know what you don’t know, but doing research could trigger a revelation for you. An aha moment you are seeking. The goal is to spend as little money as possible while putting together your entrepreneurial venture to bring in the cash, but what some might do is hire a virtual tele success coach who could help you uncover the at first secrets and then potent info. This aspect of this tactic is not one hundred percent necessary to involve a coach, because if you work toward surprising yourself with fresh usable ideas, YOU WILL!


Okay, if you have gotten this far and actually gave your one hundred percent to the preceding tactics A, B, C, and D, then you have a stack of notes at different stages. This is the data processing moment, the key here is to do a final blend of everything, at least for this moment of time. Maybe your early notes had fresh and vital info. This happens all the time, because sometimes the first things you find are the most useful in the end. But this does not always occur, so don’t overly look for this. Give yourself the power and objectivity to go through everything and finally create your GAME PLAN! Yes, YOUR SECRET MYSTERY GAME PLAN FOR SUCCESS IS FINALLY REVEALED! And guess who did the planning and the revealing? YOU of course! Congratulations! But there is more to come, but YOU CAN do it! You are a doer! Dr. Doer would be very proud of you! And it is as if you just won the Big Apple Awards trophy for successfully doing Step #1 of 5. This means you are ready for Step #2. But again we say to you dear friend, if you HAVE NOT done “Step #1 Tactics A, B, C, D and E,” then please do not move to Step #2.


How to figure out who your niche audience is

Putting it in context.

For those of you who have found yourself on this, the Big Apple Awards site, for the first time, to give you some backstory, the Big Apples Awards is the outgrowth of the now closed after ten years, annual awards event known as the Platinum PIAs. The premise of the PIAs was to recognize those who are making a difference in their communities. Based primarily in Northern Manhattan, including the Inwood and Washington Heights neighborhoods, the PIAs had a meaningful run for a decade and presented awards to neighborhood store owners, artists, institutions, and educators, just to mention a few kinds of New Yorkers. The mission of recognizing educators has continued in the form of the Big Apple Awards.

Educators to Education to eBooks

We mentioned educators because you could say that in a manner of speaking, we are doing an education experiment by showing you an excerpt from a nonfiction and instructional eBook that is being written though a collaboration of some of the folks involved in the Platinum PIAs and now with the Big Apple Awards.

The mission of the eBook.

The mission of the eBook is to empower business owners and those who are considering starting a business by providing them with step-by-step plans to be able to promote their businesses and other projects more effectively. Hopefully, you the reader will find the following excerpt from the eBook helpful. The book is about niche marketing and the preview is here:

Start on a human level.

Statistically, human beings are much more likely to make a purchase of something that relates to defining who they are and what their needs, wants and desires are. This is the magic of niche marketing because it is marketing that appeals to one or more of a variety of dissimilar categories and characteristics that are also known as niches.

Find as many specific and unique characteristics of how your ideal customer sees themselves as and respond to. Below are some characteristics to choose from to help you, as a plan user, to continue to evolve and develop your own step by step strategic plan. This list is by no means complete and there are many more dimensions and interests of human beings Do any of these items match your niche audience:

Profession, Needs, Lifestyle, Behavior, Culture, Activities, Hobbies, Occasion, Philosophy, Habits, Style, Geographic Area, Environmental, Fitness, Health, Computers, Technology, SaaS and Software, Tourism, Travel, Music, Fashion, Pets, Astrology, Alternative Energy, Alternative Beliefs, Traditional Beliefs, Job Opportunities, Business, Products, Services, Dating, Language, Education, Kids, Family, Parenting, Self Help, New Age, Entrepreneurship, Theater, Entertainment etc.

List all your products and/or services that you will sell online.

This always a good exercise to remind yourself of what it is that you need to sell to your niche audience.

Next to each of the items you have listed, write a description of how and why this item is beneficial for use by members of your niche audience.

The reason that this is important is because the benefits of your products and/or services are the various motivations that your niche audience members will have which is why they are searching for you.

Next to each “benefit” that has been designated to a specific product and/or service, write one sentence that describes why this benefit is highly motivating to your niche audience.

Each of your products and/or services must bring about a strong motivation in the minds of your niche audience. For you to maximize the sale potential for each of your items they must have something different about them that is of value and is not possessed by your competition.

Write a paragraph to your future “leads into customers” as to how your products and/or services have something incredibly special that is quite different from what all the others offer and why this is a strong and especially significant difference that results in tangible benefits to the customer not available anywhere else.


Awards or Education?

Change of Plans

We considered creating a new awards show (Big Apple Awards) that would put a positive spotlight on those who are outstanding educators. Our plan was to celebrate teachers who were making a difference in the lives of their students, their communities and beyond. But as we delved deeper into the process of developing of a new awards show, we realized that after 10 consecutive successful years (2010 – 2019) of producing the likeminded Platinum PIAs Awards, it might ultimately be the time to put doing awards shows to rest.

Removing the Obstacles

We considered that maybe we could have a bigger impact doing good by helping others who have a community mission to succeed. In other words, rather than implementing an award show we could possibly make more of a difference by concentrating on those, who due to COVID-19 and its variants, needed education and communication tools to face these obstacles that stood between them and earning a good living.

Stress Relief

Because of our personal connection to the magic arts in entertainment, we decided that helping magicians became more successful would be our first focus. In addition to amazement and being astonished that comes with the experience of watching a conjurer, we believe that magic makes people happier. Many of us here in New York and beyond enjoy being mystified. It is fun, relaxing and a way to get rid of the stress and to just let go. Shed the tension, if only for the length of a magic performance or maybe even longer.

The Wall of Technology

We believe that magicians make a difference in the lives of those who discover what it feels like to view jaw dropping tricks and effects. So, we partnered with the website called Web Design Magician that is another website in the Blog Coalition of nearly 60 websites and is sponsored by “USA Make a Difference.” The first thing that Web Design Magician did was to write a blog post on their site that lays bare the problems that magicians are having by not being able to do any in-person magic shows due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19 and its variants. Magicians are faced with having to figure out ways to make a living through performances via Zoom, Google Meet and other video chat communication platforms.


Yianni Stamas Examines What January 4th is Now Known As

A Special Day

The Big Apple Awards recognizes those who have made a difference throughout history. Today, January 4, is the date of Louis Braille’s birthday. The United Nations recently made today’s date offically to be known as World Braille’s Day because Louis Braille invented Braille which is the method by which blind people are able to read.

He Made a Big Difference

Unfortunately Louis Braille didn’t live to have the opportunity to see just how useful his invention turned out be. Louis Braille died in 1852, and it wasn’t until two years passed that the school he had attended earlier, began to teach Braille to students. Louis Braille indeed made a difference!


Bringing Our Country Together


Although it seems impossible, if everyone was to focus on giving in a bit on their views and in some cases hate, we can transform the country.

The People Speak?

We are hoping that tomorrow you get out and vote. We know we will. Some say “why vote?” The answer is obvious. The reason to vote is that on some level the people have an opportunity to speak.

The Manhattan Point of View

Many of us here in the big apple are united. It seems that New Yorkers see eye to eye on many things, unlike some other states. Why? It seems to stem from a united Manhattan, NY. Yes our beautiful city is going through issues but we are confident that Manhattan-ites will do the right thing tomorrow. How about you?


Teachers Promote Yourselves!

Let’s face it, being an educator is not an easy job. And sometimes it can be scary, where you feel as if any moment your program could be cancelled due to budget cuts. So what is a teacher to do?

Believe it or not, marketing yourself is what the best teachers do and are probably viewed as more valuable because the boss sees you in a video that in turn makes her or him value you more, That’s why creating videos is useful. You can either make it yourself or get help from groups like Home Business Achievers.

We cannot stress enough that your videos must be done using a great script. If you search you will be able to find material that will help you in writing your video script. Or of course Home Business Achievers can help you with that. You need to think of your script as being a sales page. A sale page first attracts the reader and then shows your audience what you can do for them.

You need to stress in your script how you are different from everyone else, so their best bet is to sign up with you.

The first thing you must do to embark on this creative business strategy, is to be TRULY clear on what you niche is and who in that niche is your ideal customer. What we are saying is that unless you know exactly who you are trying to reach and the reason that they need you, you will likely not succeed.

Put a lot of thought into this part of the process. Be lucid and put yourself in their shoes. What are they in need of right now and are therefore searching the web for it? Your perfect customer is searching for YOU!

And the clearer you can get about who is the right fit for you, the more you will be able to make sales. If you are not working the right strategy, your whole marketing campaign will fall apart regardless of how hard you try. You need to know EXACTLY who you are trying to connect with and why you are the cure to their disease.

You need to be the doctor they are searching for who can make them better because they are desperate right now to solve the problem that only you can solve for them. You will have better results if they are in pain and you can diminish that pain for them. How do you offer them hope so that they choose you rather than many who are on the web right now? Get a leg up on you competitors by being clearer than them on who they, like you, are trying to reach.

As you can see from the prior paragraph, there are two basic approaches to selling your products and services.

  1. Curing their disease.
  2. Giving them hope.

One of the easiest way you can begin working on your video once you know who you are trying to reach is to use one of the free online services we mentioned earlier that offer you images at no cost that can be used by you without having to pay them a fee. How you use this service can be as a way of you storyboarding what you are doing content-wise with your video.

On the free images site you will literally select one image after another, numbering them of course, so that they visually tell the story of what you are working to get in front of your audience to show them you are who they are looking for. Is that you need large sized photos. If you use small photos or images it will look bad in your video and will lower the chances of you succeeding.

Needless to say, these same videomaking tips can be used when you create an educational video!